Welcome Home

“You are welcome to Marianah Tourist Hotel, Home Away Home”


You are welcome to Marianah Tourist Hotel where your adventure of the Western Uganda a region that accounts for more than 70% of Uganda’s best Tourist destinations.

DSC00230DSC00231DSC00182Marianah Tourist Hotel is located down the hills of Western Uganda on the shores of Lake George, adjacent to Queen Elizabeth, overseeing Rwenzori Mountains within the Rwenzori region of the Albertine area within the Western Lift Valley.

DSC00147DSC00158This is where your Adventure trip to the best Safari destinations of Western Uganda begins from. You will be provided with the menu where by choice you will chose where to go and you will be guided by the staff of Marianah Tourist hotel to get to the destination of your dream.

DSC00081DSC00069Your choice includes destinations like Kibale National Park (the primate capital of the world), Semuliki National Park (the true birds’ haven), Rwenzori Mountains (the mystical challenge), Queen Elizabeth National Park (a medley of wonders), Bwindi Impenetrable National Park (the ultimate gorilla experience), Mgahinga Gorilla National Park (where gold meets silver) and Lake Mburo National Park (the whispers of the wild).

DSC00165DSC00191Marianah Tourist Hotel team will receive you right from Entebe airport and depending on the time when you arrive at the airport you will either be led directly to Marianah tourist Hotel (about 370km from Kampala capital city).

DSC00086DSC00209However, when you arrive late at the airport you will take your night at one of the comfortable hotels in Kampala ready to travel to the Western part of the country the following morning.


On your arrival to Marianah Tourist Hotel at Mahyoro Landing site you will be received by a team of loving and caring people with which first impression you will really feel at home. You will be introduced to your guide who will give you an orientation of what you should expect not only at Marianah Tourist Hotel but in the entire region of Western Uganda.

DSC00211DSC00232The same day you will take an evening fishing community walk with your guide as he/she introduces you into the cultures and traditions of the area.

DSC00154DSC00152Here you are already enjoying some of the best tourist attractions. You are watching beautiful birds, exciting plants in the compound, fishermen are arriving from the lake, the view of Rwenzori Mountains is very clear in the evening, you are overseeing the beautiful hills of Ntabahara on the other side, you are just amazed by the slow moving water waves on the lake and you are just in a different world.
DSC00090DSC00220Here you will be served with the best local foods prepared by expert chefs who will present the food menu to you to choose the best food for yourself. Mariana Tourist Hotel has a bar which has all sorts of drinks that you may need.

DSC00236DSC00237In the evening you will enjoy seating outside in the open receiving the cold breathes from the lake, watching hippos pass by and listening to the singing by the birds as they return into their nests.


You will chose your accommodation between in-house and the tent. Sleeping in a tent at Marianah tourist hotel is more rewarding. Your tent is just placed under flowering trees and surrounded various other flowes in the compound.

DSC00110DSC00104You will enjoy the sweet smell released by the plant flowers and in the morning you will be entertained by the different sounds of birds within in the tree just above your tent. In the morning you will not miss the sun as it rises from the hills of Ntabahara as bright as it is and then you will take the sun bath on the chair just beside your tent.

DSC00171DSC00206After your morning meal you will either be led to the safari destination of your choice (check the Safari destinations page) or first do a number of exciting activities within the fishing communities around Marianah.

DSC00043DSC00051These activities include; the nature walk through fishing communities, boar riding into the lake, hiking up the hills of Ntabahara where you will meet thousands of insects, plant species, various mammals and reptiles. You will reach and see the sharp escarpments of the lift valley and whill on top of these hills you get a fair view of the lake and also the clear view of the Rwenzori mountains.

DSC00099DSC00166You will meet different groups of people like teachers and students in schools, women making handcraft in the village, get to cultural entertainments and reach various water streams that feed into Lake George forming into Kazinga channel which joins Lake George and Lake Edward.

DSC00057DSC00056You will take a drive to the deepest crater lakes of Bunyaruguru through Kyambura game reserve where you will meet the elders who have seen it for long narrating stories of historical importance about the crater lakes.

DSC00020DSC00011In the evening you will return to the hotel when you are somehow tired but with lots of lessons learnt, lots of memories and rich of information to take back with you.

If this is what you want, Send an email to Send an email to marianahthotel@gmail.com or marianahthotel@yahoo.com. Call us on mobile: (+256) 772205060, (+256) 752258751.

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