Mahyoro Fishing Community

Mahyoro fishing community is comprised of about four fishing grounds including Mahyoro, Kainja, Nyakeera, and Kanyabikere.There are several institutions such as schools like Mahyoro Muslim Primary  and religious institutions.

IMG_0685Mahyoro Moslem Primary SchoolThe most common fish are Tilapia, lung fish and cat fish. Most fishermen work at night and sell ther catch in the morning, but a few do fishing during the day.


You too can enjoy fishing with the locals. The fishermen are free and loving people willing to introce you to the fishing culture and ride you around the lake. While at the lake you can enjoy the morning breath of the lake shore

lake-georgeDSC00236While canoeing around the lake you have a better view of the beautiful hills of Ntabahara and Kainja which make the Western Lift Valley escarpments.

Beautiful hillsDSC00209


At the same time especially in the morning you clearly see the highest picks of Rwenzori Mountains like Margarita.

rwenzori1172_ruwenzoriMoving around Mahyoro community you will meet people doing alot of activities. Fishermen are preparing their nets going to the lake while others are selling fish already. Farmers have come to sell food to the fishermen and to buy fish. You will meet students and teachers going to schools, you will be surprised at the big number of people turning up for medical services at the local clinic.

If it is a Sunday, the young and the old are flocking to the churches while on Friday the Moslem are at the mosque.

You will meet agriculturalists cultivating various crops while herdsmen are grazing cattle in the villages surrounding the lake. Somewhere hunters have killed a wild Hipo to serve in their families.

You will meet the senior citizens who will tell stories of the past of how people lived, how they dressed in skins of animals, how they organized marriage, communal events, and so on.

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