St Mary Beatrice Health Centre

St. Mary Beatrice Medical Centre 8For quick medical services, Marianah Tourist Hotel has a health facility in the neighborhood. You can be sure to get quick treatment in case of need or an emergency.

St. Mary Beatrice Medical Centre 6

At St. Mary Beatrice Health Centre you will be attended to by qualified medical personnel and you are assured of proper treatment.

St. Mary Beatrice Medical Centre 7

St. Mary Beatrice Medical Centre was founded in 2014 and is located in Buhanda community in Kamwenge district and serves not only the people of this community but also the surrounding areas. It is aimed at improving access to quality, affordable and timely health services for all people and especially children in the area.

St Mary 2

St. Mary Beatrice Medical Centre provides a community based health response with a goal of creating lasting solutions through locally available mechanisms.


St. Mary Beatrice Medical Centre offers medical services at subsidized fees in form of community contribution, offer household based services and a range of community based health strategies. The Health Unit engages communities in responding to the most common illnesses, provide quality facility based services, strengthens referral systems, promotes Home based care and advocates for increased access to health services.

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The key goal is to provide quality, affordable and timely health services. Therefore, the health unit works to strengthen capacity of individuals and households to seek early treatment and support services, narrow gaps in access, and address barriers to take-up of comprehensive health services.

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Vision; Improved quality of life for all people of Kamwenge and surrounding areas. Our Mission is ; “To provide Quality, affordable and timely health services for children and all the people in the area”, Our Goal is  Reduced morbidity and mortality from the major causes of ill health and premature death and reduced disparity therein.

St Mary

Strategic Objectives

  1. To increase access to the minimum health care package through implementing a fully fledged Health facility and establishing outreach sites for essential services.
  2. To control communicable diseases (provide promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative services for all people)
  3. Increase demand and utilization of health services through community involvement in health care planning and delivery of health services for all people
  4. Work in collaboration with public health structures and private sector in provision of essential health services for all people.
  5. Community empowerment through sensitization and education.


3 thoughts on “St Mary Beatrice Health Centre

  1. samuel Musiimenta

    I was there when opening that fantastic health-center in Buhanda and I was the main celebrant that afternoon. God bless the work of your hands dear.


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